02 May

New Compliance Certificate Program Available

A new compliance certificate program is now available! Wilmington University, based in Delaware, has recently launched a new online only Compliance Certificate Program. This program consist of 18 credits, and provides students with the background and skill set necessary to begin a career in  the Compliance field. The well rounded coursework includes: US Administrative and Regulatory Law, Global Regulatory Law, Fundamentals of Compliance Management, Corporate Governance and Regulation, Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving, and Financial Fraud Examination.

Assistant Professor and Chair Lori Sitler, the program‘s creator and designer, noted that “[t]he new certificate will help position students for the growing field of compliance – whether they are entering the field of regulatory compliance or re-tooling their skills to seek new opportunities in the changing job market.  The Compliance Certificate reflects Wilmington University’s mission to provide relevant curriculum for the workplace through career-oriented programs.”

Dr. Nitish Singh, founder of IntegTree, created the interactive e-learning modules for two of the courses – POL 345 –  Fundamentals of Compliance Management and  POL 355 – Corporate Governance and Regulation. You can access samples of some of these, and other e-learning modules at this location.

If you would like more information on the certificate program, you can visit the certificate website at this location, or contact the program creator, Lori Sitler at: lorraine.r.sitler[at]wilmu.edu